Relief , Reconstruction and Livelihood improvement

Tomatoes Production


FaIDA has been working with the locals to provide alternative livelihoods and to diversify livelihood options for the pastoralists in the light of climate change rendering nomadic pastoralism unsustainable. Many households are forced to abandon pastoralism and seek employment.

Livehihood Restoration through Climate Smart Agriculture

The Northern parts of Kenya where we operate cannot support rainfed agriculture. Pastoralism which has been the common system of production faces serious threat from climate change and droughts become more severe and frequent. As a result, the communities are forced to find alternative sources of livelihoods to complement the dwindling livestock resources.

Climate smart agriculture such as drip irrigation and Greenhouse Technology has become very useful in helping the communities produce vegetables for household consumption and for the markets. This helps improve household nutrition and food security.

FaIDA has supported several women groups with Greenhouses and provides technical backstopping and capacity building to ensure that the groups are able to maximise yields from the greenhouses.

In order to address the impact of climate change on pastoral household and help severely affected households find means of restarting their livelihoods, FaIDA occasion implements restocking programs where households are supplied with small stocks, mainly goats to help them restart their livelihoods and build their resilience.

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