Education Sector Support


Access to quality and affordable education the right of every child in Kenya. For a pastoralist child, this has never been an easy thing. Pastoralists are often split between sending their children to school or getting involved in finding means of survival through herding animals for boys and looking for water and other household chores for girls. Literacy levels in these areas are very low and school dropout levels are high as children drop out of school when natural disasters like droughts occur.

FaIDA and its development partners appreciates these challenges and have been investing heavily in boarding school facilities to ensure children stay in school at all times. FaIDA with support from UNHCR has constructed several classrooms and dormitory in Alinjugur secondary school, the only boarding school in Jarajilla division. The schools hosts both refugee students and host communities student. This school is a welcome relief to parents who had to take their children to other schools that were over 100KM away.


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