Environmental restoration


Restoring degraded areas and training the community on proper management of shared resources is the primary mandate of FaIDA. To achieve this objective, FaIDA implements several activities such as:

Tree Nurseries:

FaIDA has over the years been involved in activities aimed at promoting natural resources management to improve the situation. To his end, FaIDA has established tree nurseries with a capacity of producing over 100,000 tree seedlings annually. These seedlings are planted in degraded areas among the refugee camps as well as public institution such as schools, hospitals and administrative areas to improve tree covers. Most of the trees raised are those of local tree species that are capable of surviving in these dry areas.


Environmental Education:

Besides managing tree nursery for restoring degraded areas, FaIDA carries out environmental education targeting both refugees and host communities to improve management of shared natural resources. Such sessions involves engaging the community to embrace management strategies aimed at ensuring that the resources are used in a sustainable manner.


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