FaIDA Changing Lives in Rural Areas of Jarajilla through Cleaner Renewable Energy

In the rural areas such as Yumbis location in Jarajilla Division, Garissa County, hundreds of households lack proper lighting systems at home and rely on dim, smoky and dangerous kerosene based lighting. Air pollution associated with Kerosene affects the respiratory systems of children causing illnesses. Sometimes, due to poverty, families lack money to buy kerosene meaning there would be lack of lighting at home.

FaIDA identified solar lamps as one of the solutions in addressing these challenges. The lamps are maintenance free and provide adequate lighting for households. Since the solar power in these areas are unlimited as they receive sunlight all day, there is sufficient sun to recharge the system.

These lights have improved lives in these areas including education outcomes. School going children can now study longer at night using clean and safe light and eliminating air pollution associated with kerosene.

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