Construction of Elevated Steel Tank solves Water Problem in Alinjugur

Garissa County is water scarce with only 23.8 per cent of the population having access to safe water. Access to piped water is limited to the sub-county headquarters where approximately 27,725 households have connection. The main source of water in the county is River Tana and seasonal Laghas. The average distance to the nearest water point is 25Km. However, for residents of Garissa Town, this distance has reduced considerably.

The rural population served by FaIDA have not access to safe water for domestic use except for the boreholes. The people consume the borehole water directly without any form of treatment. FaIDA with financial support of her donors have been trying to address some of these challenges. One of such initiatives is the construction of elevated steel tank in Alinjugur funded by UNHCR. The 125M3 tank has a capacity to serve the entire population in Alinjugur. Several water kiosks have also been constructed and connected to the tank. This storage tank also provide an opportunity for treating the water before distribution. The water users association can also have easy time collecting revenue from the kiosks.

This project has provided a welcome relief to the people who were competing with animals for the water. Now, the water pumped to the tank and distributed to households while animals can drink from the troughs.

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